Ariane creates unique custom made handbags on demand for her clients. She will spend 4-6 months liaising with her clients to design these unique and personalized leather creations:


This is where you tell Ariane what you are looking for. She will support and help you to achieve your very own custom made creation. There will be simple questions like « What colour leather do you want ? ». There will be more subjective questions like « What do you carry in your handbag ? »
Together, you will decide :
- The grain pattern, softness and type of leather (veal, goat, young bull…).
- The colour (We provide samples for you to view. Additional time may be needed for some leathers depending on what our partner tanneries have in stock).
- The capacity you want
- The choice of gold or silver jewellery
sur ce que l’on appelle « bijouterie » en maroquinerie.]
- Flat or round handles
- The length of the handles
- Machine or hand stitched
- The colour of the edgings
- The colour and material of the lining
- The number of pockets
- etc.

Having established your specifications with you, Ariane will make several sketches and present you with 2 or 3 ideas and
themes. Just choose the one you like.

Now all becomes real ! Ariane will create a full scale cellulose prototype that matches the suppleness of the leather and
allows you to access the practicality of your bag. This is the last chance to make those final adjustments and change
your specifications e.g. capacity and length of handles etc.

Long working weeks will be required to meticulously follow the specifications you have jointly arrived at.

Your bespoke leather handbag will be waiting for you in its case in the studio if you want to pick it up in person. We also
can arrange home delivery.

If it is difficult for you to meet Ariane in her studio in the South of France she can make arrangements that suit you. She
has customers from all over France and she can organise conference calls with you or Skype to confirm your
specifications. Leather samples, jewellery and the prototype can be sent to you along with a survey form to record your
choices. Your specifications can be sent back via pre-paid post.


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